Internships/Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Opportunities

An opportunity to work with our students

Work Integrated Learning is the term used by Australian universities to define the activities students engage in that involve the application of theory into practice and experiences that build students’ employability.

The University of Melbourne is committed to producing work ready graduates. To do this, we are building on-going, mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners interested in our graduates.

Employers are welcome to advertise employment opportunities on our Careers Online job platform. These positions are approved for listing in line with our terms and conditions for advertisement and FairWork legislation.

Industry is also welcome to participate as a host employer for one or more of the universities Work Integrated Learning Programs offered to students at The University of Melbourne. These programs differ in format across the different faculties. At times students are encouraged to proactively find their own work opportunities. The University also creates WIL opportunities with external partners, described below.

  1. WIL Subject, a for-credit, elective subject, offered as part of a student’s degree. For these WIL Subjects, students work for a host company/organisation, which could be multi-national companies, SME’s, boutique, or entrepreneurial enterprises. These WIL subjects can range from intensive 2 week to semester/year-long engagements, they can involve one student or a team of students. There is no cost to the host for these engagements.
  2. WIL Fit For Practice clinical placements for professional courses such as education and medicine
  3. WIL Volunteer allows students to observe and undertake minimal activities within an organisation. These opportunities must meet the volunteer definitions in the FairWork legislation.

For more information and to participate in one of these programs, please make contact with the WIL Co-ordinator in the relevant discipline that you are interested in, from the faculties below. If you are interested in a multi-discipline team please contact Sue Elston +61 3 90355642.


WIL Co-ordinator



Architecture Building & Planning

Annie Howard

+61 3 83440224

Arts Post Graduate

Cedric Cho

+61 3 83447194

Arts Under Graduate

Chris Watson

+61 3 83441464


Hayley Wolfert & Tracey Skordos

+61 3 90356707 Hayley

+61 3 83447936 Tracey


Louisa Tobin

+61 3 90356488


Katherine Dillon

+61 3 90354520

Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Penny Warner

+61 3 90356642


Fiona Simpson

+61 3 90359522

Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences

Kate Gordon-Addison (Vet)

Bec Nissen (Ag)

+61 3 97312372

+61 3 83447265

Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

Sue Elston

+61 3 90356642