Organise internships or work experience

Are you looking to engage university students for internships or degree-related work experience? Here's what you need to know.

Short term experiential learning opportunities are a great way to engage with University of Melbourne students. Our students have built excellent relationships with the wider community through work experience opportunities. This applies to opportunities within large corporate organisations as well as small and medium enterprise (SMEs).

Hosting a University of Melbourne student in your organisation can provide you with:

  • enhancement of your brand and further networking opportunities with the University of Melbourne
  • direct access to students from Australia's number 1 university (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016–2017)
  • potential to recruit students into an ongoing position
  • identification and development of fresh talent
  • mentoring opportunities for your staff members.

Internships, vacation or summer/winter programs

Internships and summer/winter vacation programs consist of either paid or unpaid (volunteer) work placements at your organisation. They are designed to provide a student with valuable work experience and provide you with a fresh young perspective to contribute meaningful work to your organisation.

How to book

Advertise your internship or degree-related work experience opportunities on our online jobs board Careers Online. All opportunities must comply with our Careers Online terms and conditions and FairWork legislation.

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) can consist of any work placement that is assessed by the University of Melbourne for course credit and contributes towards the completion of a degree. WIL programs take different formats across different faculties and disciplines, and may be structured as:

Subjects (WIL subject)

WIL might include an elective subject offered as part of a student's degree, for which they get credit. Students work for a host organisation under a negotiated arrangement ranging from intensive two-week experience to a semester or year-long engagement. WIL may involve a single student or a team of students.

Clinical placements (WIL fit for practice)

Clinical placements for professional courses such as education and medicine.

Volunteering (WIL volunteer)

Students observe and undertake minimal activities within an organisation. These opportunities must meet the volunteer definitions in the FairWork legislation.

How to book

Due to the unique characteristics of our courses, each faculty conducts their WIL programs differently. For information, contact details, booking procedures and more please visit your desired faculty from the list below:

or contact:

  • Kim Stevenson - Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
  • Kate Adams - Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music
  • Resources
    • FairWork Ombudsman – information for employers on rights and responsibilities associated with work placements, internships and volunteers.
    • Interns Australia – dedicated to providing information on Australian internships, this site includes a comprehensive section for employers.
    • International Students - A Guide for Australian Employers – a guide outlining the benefits and processes for employing or offering work experience to international students.
    • Volunteering Australia – Volunteering Australia provide a comprehensive fact sheet for employers detailing ways to recognise, appreciate and retain volunteers.
    • Volunteering Victoria – Volunteering Victoria's website offers a collection of information about managing volunteers, from attracting and recruiting volunteers to understanding legislation and responsibilities.