Legal information for employers

Information on Fair Work legislation, national wage standards, visas for international graduates, and other legal requirements relating to employment and work experience.

National wage standards

All advertised positions must comply with wage standards from the relevant award, enterprise or other registered agreement, or the national minimum wage.

More information is available at the Fair Work Ombudsman's pay and conditions tool, or browse the full list of pay guides.

Working with Children Check

Under the Working with Children Act 2005, employees require a Working with Children Check (WWCC) if they meet all five of the following criteria:

  • they engage, or intend to engage, in child-related work as an employee or volunteer
  • they are an adult working with anyone under the age of 18
  • they are working in any of the occupational fields listed in the Act
  • their work involves direct contact with children (physical, face-to-face, written, verbal or electronic contact).
  • Their contact with children is part of their duties and not incidental to their work.

Find information on whether your employees are required by law to have a valid Working with Children Check. If applicable, please include any WWCC requirements in your advertisement.

Temporary graduate visas

The Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) allows international students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution to work in Australia with no restrictions.

Visa holders must meet language requirements (IELTS minimum score of 6 out of 9) in four categories to ensure that communication skills are of a high level:

  1. reading
  2. listening
  3. speaking
  4. writing

For the latest information, refer to the Department of Immigration: