Focus on China

Learn how to translate your Australian degree and experience for the increasing number of opportunities in China.

Considering a career in China?

Whether you are a Chinese national planning to return to your home country, or a domestic or third country student seeking employment opportunities in China, there are a number of strategies that will assist you to gain a competitive edge when approaching the Chinese job market.

The peak time for graduate recruitment in China is September to November. If you are considering working in China or would like more information on the employment landscape, check out these resources:

  • The University’s Careers page has resources on applying for work, writing CVs, job interviews and how to prepare for the workplace. For further practice, tips and tricks, you can also use the EmployMe platform.
  • The Asialink website has resources and case studies on working in China, cultural capabilities and how to adapt from Australian business practices to global business practices.
  • The Deloitte Future of Work page provides case studies and reports on the importance of global experience and skills required for a global future.
  • Lockin China, Zhaopin and 51Job are Chinese job boards that promote employment opportunities throughout China .

Upcoming workshops

2018 Focus on China

Focus on China 2018 was designed to provide tangible Chinese employment opportunities and resources for students. Organisations that hosted on-campus events in collaboration with the 2018 Focus on China program include:

  • BOE Technology
  • DJI
  • HSBC
  • Huawei
  • Lockin China
  • Zhaopin
  • Zijin Mining