Internships and work experience

Build your industry knowledge. Develop your employability skills. Gain real world workplace experience. Prove you're work ready.

Real world workplace experiences will better position you within the job market and give you a head start in your career by helping you to:

  • Gain industry knowledge
  • Develop professional skills
  • Practice transferrable ‘soft skills'
  • Build meaningful networks
  • Get guidance from experienced professionals.

Any insights, skills and accomplishments achieved through real world work experience, no matter what kind, will help employers to form an understanding of your potential contribution to their organisation and give them an indication of how well you would fit within their team.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Some courses offer opportunities for Work Integrated Learning (WIL), including internship subjects, where you can participate in industry-based placements as part of your studies.

These experiences are important for giving you real life context to what you’re learning at university.

Work Integrated Learning is offered through faculties. Please use the following links to find opportunities related to your course:

Check the University's Handbook for all up-to-date WIL subjects.

Know your work rights

If you’re considering taking on an internship or other work experience, it’s important to understand:

  • Your rights and responsibilities, including any insurance obligations
  • Visa work limits for international students, and how they include work experience placements that are not a compulsory course requirement.

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Other internship opportunities

  • Internships abroad

    A small number of opportunities exist for students to undertake internships or similar work experience placements abroad to meet a hurdle requirement or for credit towards a University of Melbourne degree.

    If you’re an international student planning to return home following your studies, undertaking internships and work placements during your visits home can allow you to learn about local industries and build useful local networks.

    For more information:

    Please note that internships are not formally recognised in University course curriculum unless they are part of an internship subject. It’s important to remember that many of the opportunities that may be available will not carry credit or University insurance or be counted as meeting your hurdle requirements for your course. It is your responsibility to check with the University before you embark on such experiences. However, even if the experience may not carry credit, you are still encouraged to seek internship experience to build your employability.

  • Students@Work

    The Students@Work program provides on-campus employment opportunities (internships and professional roles) to current University of Melbourne students, allowing you to develop employability skills whilst enhancing connectivity and engagement with the University.

  • External internships

    Employers may advertise internship opportunities in various ways throughout the year. Keep up to date by checking these range of resources.

    You may also consider approaching an employer directly to enquire about internship opportunities.

    If you're considering an external internship, our Careers & Employability Studio can assist you with preparing resumes and applications for new roles and opportunities.

    Will I be paid for an external internship?

    External internships are generally paid. Under the Fair Work Act, an internship needs to be paid unless it is:

    • With a not-for-profit organisation
    • A ‘vocational placement’ as defined in the Fair Work Act (2009) as a required and / or assessable part of your course (as with an internship subject)

    With paid internships, the employer would normally provide insurance cover. The University will only provide insurance cover if the internship is an assessable part of your course.

  • Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Internship Program

    The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry internship program gives you meaningful work experience in your field of study. It consists of up to 120 hours of paid work on a specific project in one of the Victorian Chamber's member businesses. The University of Melbourne is a member of the Victorian Chamber, so placements can be within the University or with external businesses.

    Opportunities will be placed on Careers Online.

    For more details, visit the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or contact us.

  • Additional programs and activities

    Prove your worth to future employers by getting involved with co-curricular and extra-curricular programs.

    These programs may provide an opportunity to gain relevant work experience:

    • Student Union, Clubs and Societies: These offer many roles which can have direct career relevance, e.g. promotions officer for a student society, or a Student Union rep.
    • Global Learning experiences: Going on exchange or studying abroad will develop important life skills that are valued by employers as well as expand your cultural and learning horizons.
    • Leaders in Communities Award: Volunteer work can have a profound affect, not only on your own work readiness and skills practice, but also transform your awareness and understanding of the world. Structure your service through the Leaders in Communities Award, a self-paced award which provides a structure to gain recognition for your extra-curricular leadership and volunteering activities.
    • Student Peer Leader Network: Peer Leaders work alongside staff on University-led initiatives to enhance the student experience.
    • Live Projects for international students: Work in diverse groups over three weeks on a business consulting project designed and supported by industry partners, including Victorian Government agencies, business and community organisations.
    • Competitions and hackathons: Related to your course (and offered through your faculty or UMSU) such as:
    • Part-time and casual work: Will be highly regarded by employers, and allow you to build your employability while you earn. Search Careers Online for opportunities.