Starting Somewhere

Day one

Day one – what to wear, when to turn up and how to get started

You’ve got the gig. Now what? We show you how to put your best foot forward, and figure out what that foot should be wearing. From research before you get there, to what time you should arrive through to dealing with first day nerves, we’ve got you covered.

Hosts, Buffy Gorrilla and Ben Pawson, talk to Interns about their first day, what happened, where is the printer? What was the password again?

We go through how to set expectations, and what companies are expecting of you. HR professionals give us tips on what to bring, and what not to bring, and how to stalk the company and find out who is who before you even get there.

We show you what a good orientation looks like, and give you a solid strategy for dealing with the nerves that you can do in the bathroom cubicle!

And if you have any day one tips to share, experiences you want to get off your chest, send them all to:

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Starting Somewhere

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