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Exploitation and compensation

Exploitation and compensation

The dark side of internships.  We explore the law; ‘Dodgy’ names and shames internships that might be flouting it. Plus an interview with Amalia Illgner, a UK intern taking Monocle to court for unpaid wages. Starting Somewhere gets serious!

With 80% of internships unpaid, especially in the media, creative and marketing industries the number of people who can do them is immediately limited. If you don't have the resources to support yourself while you work for free then internships won’t work for you.  We explore what this means for the makeup of the labour force in Australia, social mobility and the law, with Interns Australia director Jack Kenchington Evans, and ‘Dodgy’ the person behind the ‘Dodgy Internships Australia’ Twitter feed, naming and shaming firms who appear not to be complying with Australia's fair work legislation.

We answer the question, can a good internship be unfair? And is that OK sometimes?

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