Starting Somewhere

Juggling it all

Juggling it all – and avoiding burnout

Uni...clubs... a job and now an internship! We talk to people who have burnt out, how they got there and how they got back. We get tips on relaxing from a psychologist, and how to spot that things have gone off the rails and what to do to get back on track.

In the race to stand out, pack your CV and get your dream job, or just any job you can take on too much. In this episode, we talk to interns about what made them get overextended, how burnout manifested itself and is it worth working seven days a week just to make ends meet?

We get tips on getting back in control from a psychologist and talk to a productivity hacker about how she focuses on the power of three. We ask companies how they help interns balance it all and why it’s smart to stop to speed up.

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Starting Somewhere

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