Professional and graduate

Professional jobs for graduates are either with Graduate Employment Programs (GEPs) or jobs in the general job market.

Graduate Employment Programs (GEPs)

Graduate Employment Programs are structured programs with large organisations which offer formal recruitment, induction and development for one to two years, often leading to ongoing positions.

GEPs are open to students in their final year of study and recent graduates (up to two years from degree completion). Recruitment kicks off largely in March with closing dates soon after. Some employers are now recruiting earlier, while others recruit later in the year or have several intakes.

Most employers with graduate programs will advertise online using the following:

Employers indicate in their advertising which disciplines they are seeking for which programs. Some require specific courses or majors, others accept a range of courses or majors, while some accept 'all disciplines'.

To research potential employers for vacation work and permanent employment, watch some of the Graduate TV Australia videos available.