Career Bootcamp: From study to work

4-5 December 2018

It’s never too late to work on your career potential. Kickstart your professional development by signing up to the 2018 Career Bootcamp. Learn about how to search, network, apply and interview for jobs and hear from a range of speakers about the future of work.

Career Bootcamp program

Are you a recent graduate or graduating student, and not sure what to do next? Attend the 2018 Career Bootcamp on Wednesday 5 December to find out how to get ahead, expand your network, make connections, and access the tools to transition into the workplace. This is a FREE event not to be missed.

  • Hear from Future Crunch speaker Dr Steven Manos about the positive future of work
  • Learn about connecting with networks and hear from recent graduates share their career journey from study to work
  • Develop your job applications and learn more about effective job searching
  • Get your professional headshot taken for Linkedin

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The Career Bootcamp is a full day event, including a networking event with alumni. Download the full program (PDF 44.7 KB).

Other events

Possible Futures: From PhD to Industry

PhD Career Bootcamp

A PhD can open up a range of different career opportunities that aren’t just academia. Come along to the PhD Bootcamp to find out what your next steps could include.

Coming to the end of your PhD and not sure what you’re going to do next? Preparing to transition to industry or consulting? Need access to practical information, tools and resources that support informed career choices? Attend one of the 2018 PhD Career Bootcamps on Tuesday 4 December to learn more about the options available to you, how to create your professional image and how to talk about the skills you’ve developed throughout your research degree.

This is a FREE event not to be missed.

Career Bootcamp program

  • Hear from PhD alumni who have moved into industry or consulting
  • Learn how to develop your professional image and articulate your skills from research
  • Learn how to search for jobs outside of academia that fit your needs and goal

Registrations for this event are now open and we invite you to register for the morning session here or the afternoon session here. Places are limited so ensure you register ASAP!


The PhD Bootcamp is a half day event, including networking with alumni. Download the full program (PDF 20.1 KB).

Melbourne graduates

The Melbourne Model is a distinctive curriculum that gives you wider understanding of the world beyond your degree. With a breadth and depth of knowledge, you can prepare for whatever the future may hold.

Moving overseas

We have alumni associations across the globe. Register your interest in attending networking events.

Looking for work

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