Job prospects

Researching the employment outlook within your industry is useful in determining future growth prospects, average earnings and employment trends.‚Äč

Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) is the leading authority on graduate employment issues in Australia. GCA produces a range of graduate-related publications and research Grad salaries and Grad statistics that informs students, employers and careers practitioners about industry and salary trends, and graduate employment opportunities.

Further labour market data can be accessed at:

Professional associations

Professional associations also contain useful careers and employment data. A list of relevant professional associations can be found on faculty career pages.

International labour market

Some data on the international labour market is outlined below, but also search the internet for employment outlook data in the country of interest to you and look at the international work section

  • GoinGlobal site for 35 countries.
    Log on via Careerse Online, 'Browse Country Guide’ and ‘Industry & Employment Trends’
  • BLS the Winter 2013-14 issue of the USA Occupational Outlook Quarterly