Video interviews

Video interviews are becoming more widely used by employers to expedite the recruitment process.

There are two basic types of video interview:

  • Live interviews, where you talk to the interviewer from your video device, are used as hiring becomes more global.
  • Taped interviews, where you respond to prompts, either written or verbal. These are becoming the norm and are used by employers as part of the online application or selection process prior to in-person interviews. Generally, the employer will send you a link to the interview platform website and provide a time frame for you to complete the video interview by.


Plan your interview as you would any other job interview. Do your research and preparation – refer to Interview Preparation.

You can approach video interviews in your own unique style - you don't have to be an extrovert! Not convinced? Check out the TED talks:

Plan your recording

Have everything ready before you begin recording:

  • Test every aspect of your equipment and the set up in advance. Conduct a rehearsal interview from the equipment you intend to use
  • Position your webcam at eye level
  • Proper lighting is essential for high-quality video, so take time to adjust accordingly. Ensure the room is brightly lit. Turn on any available lights in the room; close all windows and check to make sure there is no glare on your monitor.
  • Be mindful of your background. Position yourself in front of a wall with neutral colours; avoid patterns, wallpaper and mirrors.
  • Be sure your recording area is clean, as a tidy workspace conveys professionalism and organisation to your potential employer.
  • Your recording space should be quiet and comfortable. Eliminate all possible distractions and interruptions - turn off your cell phone, and if you're at home, make sure people in the house know you are taking an interview.
  • Dress professionally. Wear the same interview attire you would for an in-person interview.

Be concise

Videos used as part of the initial online application will generally include pre-listed questions and a specific time to answer them in. This means you have a limited time to make a good impression!

Prepare your answers and do some practice recordings to ensure you do not waffle and are able to get your point across concisely.


Make use of Interview Stream, the University's online video interview platform.